Tired of Waiting?

Hate2Wait App for your Customers

Most of us have experienced waiting for our turn in line/queues at the Restaurant, Doctor's clinic, Salons, Hospitals, Banks, Service centres, Airports etc. We all know how frustrating it gets during that unoccupied wait time which is full of uncertainty and boredom. Now you can avoid all of that.

Waiting is not good for health too, Many people loose their patience and become anxious and angry. This doesn’t speeds up the wait time. It results in stress/anxiety, raised blood pressure, ulcers, and ultimately heart disease. Use the free hate2wait app and experience life without the frustrating wait.

How does it help?

Hate2Wait app helps you to check current wait times and availability status at restaurants, doctors, service centres etc. around you and enables you to join the queue remotely and stay updated about your place in the queue. Now reach only when its your turn and skip the wait period. You can be confidently spontaneous without reservations or appointments.

You can also avail special benefits and exclusive discounts offered by the businesses on Hate2Wait.


  • Check current wait times
  • Join the queue remotely
  • Stay updated about your turn
  • Wait where ever you want to
  • Reach only when its your turn

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